Que pasa?

OK, you say. Blue posted that photo from the airport and we haven’t heard a word since.

Que’ pasa?

Truth be known, it takes me a few weeks to adjust to the altitude and the physical exertion of living in a mountain community. That plus I am making a doubly (triply?) concerted effort to learn the language this year, so with studying, and tutoring, and studying, plus the normal activities of life (did I mention studying????) I am up with the sunrise most days and fall into bed exhausted at night.

With the holiday break, I am finally feeling like I am catching up with myself and vow to keep you all informed if only with quick picture posts of my travels and adventures featuring the breathtaking, amusing, or totally head-whacking, “what were they thinking?”.

Blue Bear and Mexican muralStay tuned.

Reading Room

Hanging out at the library. Here and there.


There is a world of difference between the outdoor reading room at the library in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the reading room in the Carnegie library (with the original fireplace and shelving) in Baraboo, Wisconsin. But no matter where you are, a library is a valuable treasure and a great place to hang out.

Sit a little, relax a little, read a little or a lot and ENJOY!