Reading Room

Hanging out at the library. Here and there.


There is a world of difference between the outdoor reading room at the library in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and the reading room in the Carnegie library (with the original fireplace and shelving) in Baraboo, Wisconsin. But no matter where you are, a library is a valuable treasure and a great place to hang out.

Sit a little, relax a little, read a little or a lot and ENJOY!

1 thought on “Reading Room

  1. Wonderful! I’m glad Blue Bear loves libraries! I hear you will be going to DC soon! That’s great. I hope M+R find a place that they like. We will see you in Madison in August, when we come to get the little ones. We’re looking forward to having them for a few days while M+R move, and then taking them to DC. xxx lany

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