The word of the day is amigos – friends.

If this guy took a bath once in awhile, we might be grande amigos.

Two bearsFYI – If your friend is female, she is your amiga. But if your group of amigas includes just one muchacho, then they are all amigos.  Just one of the frustrating things about learning this language, not only do you need to know different verb tenses but all the words change (including the pronouns) depending on who is the subject of the sentence, not just singular or plural but feminina and masculina as well.

Would somebody please tell me why a man’s tie (la corbata) is feminine and a woman’s dress (el vestido) is masculine?

For the Birds

“Our thoughts and feelings have wings—paper birds that fly from my house to yours.”

I am not sure where this quote came from. Something similar is attributed to Terry Tempest Williams in Refuge and there is also a similar line in a Seekers song. You decide.

I just like the thought and have been waiting for a day when I could use it. Today is the day. For this day there are flower birds flying from my house to yours.

Bird of Paradise. Aptly named, don’t you think?

Bird of Paradise, Taxco, MexicoReminds me of a crane.

The beauty of creation never ceases to delight and amaze me.

Do you have a favorite flower?


That’s gift in Spanish.

Last night, just as I was heading to bed, I heard a deep rumble. There was a flash of lightning and all of a sudden the sky opened up and it poured. Listening to the sound of the pouring rain is a very soothing way to go to sleep. A gift.

Perhaps even better was the gift for my eyes that the storm clouds presented this morning.

Sunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoRegalo glorioso!

Especialmente para tu

February 14 is Valentine’s Day in Mexico, just as it is in the US and numerous countries around the world.

When it comes to celebrating the day of love, there is not much differente South of the border. Flowers, chocolates, special dinners, and heart shaped everything from cakes to jewelry prevail.

Especially prevalent here are globos (balloons), the word of the day.

img_6824-qprNo matter the shape, sentiment, or occasion, Tweetie says it best.


Some days are diamonds, some days are stones

John Denver sang those words. He was not talking about sunrises but it is a good adage anyway.

Each day awakens differently, some to sparkling brightness that illicit “oooohs” and “ahhs” as if watching fireworks. Others are more sedate in nature — cloudless days that offer a simple glow that grows from dark to light. This was one of those days.

Sunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico Sunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico


Whether spectacularly colorful or a simple glow, each day’s beginning is still beautiful.

Sunrise: Taxco Style

I have been asked for sunrise pictures EVERY DAY! I am not sure I can grant that request but will give it my best shot! (OK you language junkies, noodle on that one — shoot who?)

Sunrise, Taxo de Alarcon, Mexico

I just love how the sky changes with each passing minute, growing in intensity before brightening. I am so thankful to have such a glorious way to start each day.

Watch this to see the whole show.

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Curiouser and Curiouser

Isn’t that how Alice described the situation after falling down the rabbit hole?

The other night, it appeared that the sun was setting in the east, and this morning the sunrise was most visible over “el Centro” (downtown) to the west.

Have I somehow fallen down my own rabbit hole and awakened on another planet?

Sure is a pretty site though.

Sunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico

Sunrise — Sunset

I saw my first sunset in Taxco today. Since the sun drops behind the mountains long before it sets, seeing any color at night is most unusual.

But wait, the sunset (r) was in the exact same place as the sunrise (l) this morning!

“How is that?” I asked my friend. And she responded with “January is crazy; February more” which may explain the ups and downs of the weather but not why the sun is setting in the east.

Having no logical explanation of this phenomenon, I will merely share the photos of this morning’s sunrise with you. Enjoy!

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