The word of the day is amigos – friends.

If this guy took a bath once in awhile, we might be grande amigos.

Two bearsFYI – If your friend is female, she is your amiga. But if your group of amigas includes just one muchacho, then they are all amigos.  Just one of the frustrating things about learning this language, not only do you need to know different verb tenses but all the words change (including the pronouns) depending on who is the subject of the sentence, not just singular or plural but feminina and masculina as well.

Would somebody please tell me why a man’s tie (la corbata) is feminine and a woman’s dress (el vestido) is masculine?

2 thoughts on “Amigos

  1. Maybe the tie is for women to admire and a dress is for the men to admire… Ha! Every language seems to have it’s quandaries. I know the word in Kayah for want is sey thu, so I asked Prey Rey what do you use if you say I “like” your dress. He said you use the same word Seythu. To me like and want are vastly different. So OK, what if you want to say I like Prey Reh? He thought and thought for a long time and then said it is the same but we don’t say that (for obvious reasons) then he gave me the word for appreciate so n so. Basically it is something they don’t say.

    • That is funny. Yes like Spanish has two words for to be (is, are, etc.) and two words for for but the rules for using them are so obscure that I cannot figure them out. So basically I use one and if someone looks at me quizzically or says huh? then I try the other.

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