Sunrise — Sunset

I saw my first sunset in Taxco today. Since the sun drops behind the mountains long before it sets, seeing any color at night is most unusual.

But wait, the sunset (r) was in the exact same place as the sunrise (l) this morning!

“How is that?” I asked my friend. And she responded with “January is crazy; February more” which may explain the ups and downs of the weather but not why the sun is setting in the east.

Having no logical explanation of this phenomenon, I will merely share the photos of this morning’s sunrise with you. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Sunrise — Sunset

  1. Does the sun get very high in the sky during the day? I know here in Texas the arc is much lower and sun rise and sun set are closer together. I know due to keeping track for the placement of my greenhouse that I built years ago. You being much further south I would guess it doesn’t rise very high and up and down would be much closer together. Track it closer. I’m curious.

    • The sun gets directly overhead. The timestamps on the sunrise and sunset photos on the day the sun seemed to be setting in the east indicated a little more than 11 hours between the two. Since by the time the sun comes up over the mountain, sunrise has already occurred, and I cannot actually see the sunset from here, I am judging by the brilliance of color and the onset of darkness that that is pretty close. According to the weather channel sunrise today was at 7:10 am and sunset at 6:34 pm. So 11 1/2.

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