Cerro de Indio – El Ocotito

Mexicans have a great imagination, so many mountain tops and landmarks have some sort of story attached to them, like the legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl, the volcanoes outside Mexico City, or the singing rocks at Teloloapan, or even just fanciful monikers like sombrero mountain, so named because it looks like a sombrero.

Sombrero Mountain near Tetipac, Mexico

Sombrero Mountain near Tetipac, Mexico

El Ocotito is no exception. Dominating the landscape above town is Cerro de Indio (Indian Hill.)

If you look at the photos of this mountain, the resemblance to an indigenous warrior lying on his back is unmistakeable — right down to the stripes of “war paint” on his cheek.

Some say that viewed from another angle you can also see a woman’s profile in the mountain behind him (facing the opposite direction.) Do you see her?

Cerro de Indio, El Ocotito, MexicoI am sure there is another Romeo and Juliet type story here as well but, if so, no one was telling me.

Do you have some landmark near where you live that has a story? Do tell.

Speaking of legends and stories, here is an absolutely striking photo of Popocatepetl “remembering Iztaccihuatl.”