Going Bananas Again

This is a banana flower. (A platano, in Mexico.)

Banana flower, Ocotito, MexicoLooks a little like Audrey II, the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors, don’t you think?

Banana flower, Acamixtla, Mexico

This flower bud, which is probably 8 or more inches long, opens, petal by petal, exposing a ring of long, tubular yellow flowers with red tips.

When these have had a chance to be pollinated, the covering leaves drop to the ground and a new set opens revealing another ring of sweet smelling golden blossoms.





Banana flower, Acamixtla, MexicoWhen the flower has opened completely, all that remains is a bunch of green bananas to grow and ripen – upside down of course.

Then the plant sends out another flower and the process begins all over again.





Here area a few more photos.

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Tasty beauty don’t you think?