For the Birds

“Our thoughts and feelings have wings—paper birds that fly from my house to yours.”

I am not sure where this quote came from. Something similar is attributed to Terry Tempest Williams in Refuge and there is also a similar line in a Seekers song. You decide.

I just like the thought and have been waiting for a day when I could use it. Today is the day. For this day there are flower birds flying from my house to yours.

Bird of Paradise. Aptly named, don’t you think?

Bird of Paradise, Taxco, MexicoReminds me of a crane.

The beauty of creation never ceases to delight and amaze me.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Off the beaten path

Just when I finally got running water back, I am heading to the country for a week, where such modern conveniences do not exist.

Life is a little slower out there.

You take long walks,

Walking a country road, Ocotito, Mexicosnooze a little,

Cat on the roof, Ocotito, Mexicosimmer dinner over a wood fire,

Chicken simmering over a wood fire, Ocotito, Mexico and hang out on the porch with friends and family.

Dog in a chair, Ocotito, MexicoI am sure I will be doing lots of reading, writing, and studying Spanish. But, technology has not made it out that far yet, so unless I find an Internet cafe somewhere within walking distance (highly unlikely), I’ll see you here in about a  week.

Then, as Paul Harvey would say, I’ll tell you, “The rest of the story…”

Hasta luego! (See you later)



That’s gift in Spanish.

Last night, just as I was heading to bed, I heard a deep rumble. There was a flash of lightning and all of a sudden the sky opened up and it poured. Listening to the sound of the pouring rain is a very soothing way to go to sleep. A gift.

Perhaps even better was the gift for my eyes that the storm clouds presented this morning.

Sunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoRegalo glorioso!

Especialmente para tu

February 14 is Valentine’s Day in Mexico, just as it is in the US and numerous countries around the world.

When it comes to celebrating the day of love, there is not much differente South of the border. Flowers, chocolates, special dinners, and heart shaped everything from cakes to jewelry prevail.

Especially prevalent here are globos (balloons), the word of the day.

img_6824-qprNo matter the shape, sentiment, or occasion, Tweetie says it best.


Becoming Mexican

Because I wrapped a bright colored Mexican shawl around my waist to dress up an outfit, someone accused me recently of becoming Mexican. Yeah sure, with my command of the language. That’s funny.

But then this cool front came in… Cold front, axco de Alarcon, Mexico

and the temperature dropped to the mid-sixties. I had to laugh as I found myself rolling my pant legs down and reaching for a jacket.

65 degrees of frio (do I sense a book title there?) Yep, I’m turning Mexican alright.

Well sort of, I am not wearing a winter coat like some people.



Simple Pleasures

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

Sunrise, Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico

The water has been “falling” for long periods of time for three days. Every day I would turn on the bathroom faucet hoping to see water come out.

No, no, nope!

This morning I turned on the faucet and, lo and behold, water. Hooray! No more heating water in the kitchen (which adds 20-25 minutes to my morning routine), or carrying a bucket of hot water up to the fourth floor to take a bucket shower.

With an extra person in the house, who I just learned shares the water in my tank, resources are still scarce so I compromised. I got wet, turned the water off and soaped up, then turned the hot stream on again to rinse off. OK I luxuriated an extra moment under that heavenly stream of hot water (do you blame me?) but not much. I want this tank of water to last awhile.

Funny thing is, I just got my shower back here and I am going to the country for a week and it is back to a bucket shower.

Will give you a full accounting of my trip when I return.


Hermoso del amanecer!

A friend sent me that text to say what a lovely dusk it was. That is what they say here since the sun sets long after it drops behind the mountains. Only rarely does Taxco get a glimpse of color like this at the end of the day.

Dusk in Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoSo I went out on my balcony to see and not only did the sky have a nice blush behind Santa Prisca and the Ex-convento, but it was filled with cometas (kites) high and low;  dozens of them from the Zocolo to the Cristo statue.

KIte over Taxco de Alarcon, Mexico

KItes over Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoLook closely and you will see at least 4 in this photo; many more are in the shadows below.

What do you think Mexicans would make of the expression, “Go fly a kite!”

Sunrise Rainbow

Good morning!

Sunrise, cloudless sky, Taxco de Alarcon, MexicoAnother cloudless sky  — the norm for this time of year.

Though the rainbow of color the sky generates when there are no clouds to add accent is pretty, seeing it day after day in a photo without the whisper of the breeze or song of the birds to enhance the experience might get rather boring for you.

With this post, I think I have shown you just about all the variations of a cloudless sunrise that are possible, and I will revert to just posting the spectacular images or maybe the week in review. What would you like?

Besides there is much more to write about than sunrises. Stay tuned.

Going Bananas Again

This is a banana flower. (A platano, in Mexico.)

Banana flower, Ocotito, MexicoLooks a little like Audrey II, the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors, don’t you think?

Banana flower, Acamixtla, Mexico

This flower bud, which is probably 8 or more inches long, opens, petal by petal, exposing a ring of long, tubular yellow flowers with red tips.

When these have had a chance to be pollinated, the covering leaves drop to the ground and a new set opens revealing another ring of sweet smelling golden blossoms.





Banana flower, Acamixtla, MexicoWhen the flower has opened completely, all that remains is a bunch of green bananas to grow and ripen – upside down of course.

Then the plant sends out another flower and the process begins all over again.





Here area a few more photos.

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Tasty beauty don’t you think?