Sail away

Just north of Cocoa Beach is Cape Canaveral. In addition to Kennedy Space Center, it is the home of Port Canaveral and the cruise ship terminals.

Exploration Tower, Cape Canaveral, FloridaThe Exploration Tower (Cape Canaveral Welcome Center) rises from the horizon like a space shuttle waiting to launch (I am sure that was the architect’s intention). This amazing architectural feat offers several floors of exhibits featuring the native cultural heritage, the Spanish and more modern settlement of the area, the natural environment, and of course, the space program.

The roof offers a great vantage point to watch the cruise ships launch.

Here was the scene on a recent afternoon.

Thoughts of Sunrise

I am inland helping a friend today so cannot be at the beach. But I thought I would share some thoughts on a recent sunrise.


one lone star in the dark sky
a hint of rose on the horizon
the promise of a new day

the sea, like molten pewter
flowing toward the shore
the wet sand stretches out ahead of me
like a sheet of glass

seashells, dotted here and there
sea birds catch an early morning snack
glow on the horizon grows
orange ball rises from the sea

sun up

Love Florida Style

It was a blustery day and storms threatened. As the sun weakly rose above the dense cloud banks, a man was at work sweeping the sand. At first I thought he was raking the sand smooth, repairing the beach from someone’s sand castle the day before. when I got closer I found he was creating a large heart in the sand.

Brent of Better Together Weddings was creating the stage for a couple’s dream ceremony at the beach. They braved the wind and the stormy skies and were rewarded with the sun brightening for a little while.

Best wishes!

Go Fly a Kite

Since it is only a block or so away, I head to the beach almost every morning to watch the sunrise. I never know what the dawn will offer. Will the cool wind or threat of rain mean I have the beach virtually to myself or will there be a big audience for the sun’s debut? Will I find a calm sea and a sky washed in soft pastels or a churning surf under steely blue clouds? Will I see more pelicans, gulls, and sand runners or birds of the human variety?


This day the wind was blowing and the surf pounding — prefect for a little kite flying.

Look like fun?