“Toto, we’re not at the beach anymore”

Blue Bear needs a directionI followed the signs toward Myrtle Beach but somewhere around Charleston have to take a left turn.

As I leave the ocean and  beach behind, I will miss the smell of the salt air, the cry of the sea birds, and most of all the beauty of the sunrise accompanied by the music of the waves, whether soothing or stormy.

The interior of our country is filled with beautiful, majestic, serene, and exciting places and I enjoy all the variety, yet being at the ocean shore at sunrise is pretty hard to beat (though the shores of  the Great Lakes come close.)

The salt marshes of Georgia, the antebellum vibe of Charleston, the Blue Ridge Parkway and Smokey Mountain National Park await. Adventure on.



2 thoughts on ““Toto, we’re not at the beach anymore”

    • Love those sunsets too, but something to be said about being at the beach in the early dawn, watching the sky turn from indigo to pink to brilliant fuschia and orange that takes my breath away. Being from Wisconsin, I have done the Lake Superior Circle Route and traveled along the shores of all the Great Lakes to Maine and back. Have seen many a sunrise and sunset over big bodies of water — all beauty beyond compare. If you can start AND end your day with the sun over the water all the better.

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