Let the sun shine

Currently I live on the top floor of a house, on a hill in Taxco. When I open my eyes in  the morning I look over the top of the city and beyond to the mountains, where every morning the sun comes up to greet me.

Sunrise over Taxco, Mexico

Since winter is the dry season in Mexico, that usually means the sky turns from deep indigo, to violet to shades of  magenta, coral, pink and peach, in layers sort of like a sand sculpture or those gelatin cups they sell everywhere here (Mexicans love their gelatin).

Days are clear and bright with azure blue skies occasionally dotted with a few white puffy clouds.

Imagine my surprise and wonder when I opened my eyes and saw this.

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He certainly knows how to paint a beautiful sky. I just love how the beauty changes minute by minute.

2 thoughts on “Let the sun shine

  1. Painters have always been inspired by beautiful skies. They all developed their “styles” of painting skies. Anything from glassy layers to jabbing paint on the canvass with their thumb. I have found skies difficult to paint because blue paint and yellow paint mixed together makes green. It is difficult to keep vivid colors separated. I want to capture the yellow and orange glows without making them muddy.

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