Going Bananas

Took a little trip out to Irma’s ranchero (now belonging to her son, Fabian.) The house is situated on the side of the mountain about 20 minutes or so outside of Taxco. To quote The Who, “I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles.”

Outside Taxco, Mexico

img_5754-qprBelow the house, by about 50 or so steps, is the Acamixla KH, which has a balcony that wraps around the side and back.

I was snapping some photos and admiring the view when I came around a corner and and there on the deck sat a big bunch of bananas ripening in the sun. img_5761-qpr




Looking around, I discovered the bananas must have come from one of several trees growing on the property..

Having only seen banana trees at botanical gardens, and then usually with a bunch of bananas high over head, I was amazed to see this “double-decker” banana flower up close.

You can clearly see the bunch of bananas at the top but look closer at what appears to be a relative of Audrey II, the man eating plant in “Little Shop of Horrors”, and you will see a banana flower just starting to open.

Look closer still and you will see the individual banana flowers under the larger open petal. As the larger flower bud opens, petal by petal, it exposes a ring of long, tubular yellow flowers with red tips. I am told that when these have had a chance to be pollinated, the covering leaves drop to the ground and a new set opens revealing another ring of sweet smelling golden blossoms. When the flower has opened completely, all that remains is a bunch of green bananas to grow and ripen – upside down of course. But you knew that didn’t you?

Friends with bananasBanana anyone?

2 thoughts on “Going Bananas

  1. You are getting plenty of exercise! Everywhere is either up or down plenty of steps! Nice to find interesting surprises along the way. The banana flower is really weird! I googled it to see more pictures.

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