Early on an acquaintance said, “You don’t speak much (Spanish) but what you do, you speak well.”  A compliment and a curse. It is nice to know that I pronounce words well, but that leads to the impression in the listener that I also understand well and I don’t.

As frustrated as I still feel, I guess I am making progress though. Not only did some people I haven’t seen in a few weeks comment that my Spanish is mucho mejor (much better) but I recently took a quiz in my book and, according to them, I am doing “superior work,” the very best.

I still wish that translated into real conversation but all good things come those who wait, right?

I will practice patience and hit the books some more.

Studying Spanish in a hammock Ocotito, Mexico


1 thought on “Superior

  1. Our meeting expressed last week expressed the frustration of learning and understanding a foreign language well. You aren’t alone! It’s a process that in time you will conquer. Patience my dear! Jah is blessing you!

    I admire you for your courage! It takes courage and dependence on Jah to break out of you life here in the States and be brave enough to travel alone and go to a country where you need to learn another language.

    Plod on my friend! You are improving!

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