Pretty as a Peacock

I went out with some friends one day not long ago and was told we were going to the “peacock neighborhood.” Neighborhoods in Florida, as in most places these days, seem to all have themes — palms, seashells, etc.

So I was totally unprepared for this —

Apparently, this neighborhood in Cape Canaveral used to be the home of a wildlife sanctuary. When the sanctuary closed some of the peafowl refused to leave. Love them or hate them (because of their raucous cry and other birdbrain habits) — you have to admit they sure are pretty.


2 thoughts on “Pretty as a Peacock

  1. Very loud birds! Peacocks remind me of my grandmother. She lived to take us kids to the zoo in Denver which had a number of ranging Peacocks. As we got out of the car my paranoid grandmother always have us this advice. “If you need help, like someone grabs you, don’t yell ‘help help’ (in her perfect peacock imitation) Everyone will just think you are a peacock!” She never told us what we should yell instead…

    • Sort of like the Smothers Brothers song, “I yelled fire when I fell into the vat of chocolate” because no one would do anything if he yelled “CHOCOLATE!”
      They are very loud. Sound like a cross between a baby and a cat yowling. Pretty though. Guess you cannot have everything.

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