Listen to the Rhythm of the Falling Rain

Stormy sunrise, Cocoa Beach, Florida Stormy surf at sunrise, Cocoa Beach, Florida Some people think that sunny Florida is just that — sunny, all the time. But that is not the case, the water cycle is in full gear here of late. The pattern seems to be that the temperature and humidity rise, day after day, for about a week until either the sky cannot hold any more or a cool front comes in and the rains fall and fall hard.

Cloud bank, St. Augustine Beach pier, Florida Stormy sunrise, St. Augustine Beach, FloridaYou have not experienced rain unless you have been in Florida (or some land of monsoons.) Sometimes there is  lightening or thunder warning you to take cover. It is more common for the clouds to just open up and dump on you, sort of like someone unzipped them and all the water inside just poured out.

Storm surf mist, St. Augustine Beach, FloridaSometimes, like today, the sky scuds up and stays that way all day, with clouds dumping their contents and moving out over the Atlantic on what the weather folks call an “occasional” or “intermittent” basis. Translation: It could be raining one minute and not the next, or on this side of the street but not that; it could rain twenty times in one hour!

Don’t get me wrong, I do not mind the rain, especially if I am sitting on the lanai, watching the clouds roll in across the water. I love the sound of the water falling and washing the earth clean. I love the reflections of the lights in the puddles. I love the hazy mist that obscures the view marking where the rain is heavy. Most of all I love the clean, fresh smell.

As in life, some days are sunny and some are stormy, but any day that starts at the beach is a good one.


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