“Take me home, country road…”

Circumstances are such for my hostess that she has asked me to depart today rather than Monday as planned. So I guess I will be spending the holiday weekend and all of next week meandering. I am not exactly sure where I am going or where I will spend each night but as long as I travel in the general direction toward where I need to be on April 26, does it really matter?

Cocoa Beach, stormy surf

I am reluctant to leave the beach behind, as I have expressed many times this past month — sunny, cloudy, rainy, or cold, there is no better way to start the day than sunrise on the beach. So I will travel up the East Coast toward Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, be a Southern belle for awhile, and then decide when and where I will cross the mountains. I have a hankering to return to the Smokies (my first sojourn away from home) and I’ve heard great things about Asheville, North Carolina.

Not sure if I will make it all the way to West Virginia’s “mountain mama;”  you will just have to follow along to see where this meander leads.

I walked Cocoa Beach one last time today; all the way to the pier and back (5 + miles). It wasn’t pretty — heavy cloud cover, but it sure was therapeutic. Eventually the sun’s rays came shining through — at least a little bit. Here are a few photos for you:

So long Cocoa. Another adventure awaits.

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