High Tide

img_7806-qprHigh and low tides occur twice a day, but unlike the sun which, in the spring, rises a little earlier each day, tides seem to come in and go out on a schedule all their own. (It has something to do with the moon.)

img_7805-qprThe last few days, the tide has been quite high at sunrise. Birds on Cocoa BeachThis means that there is very little beach (at least the firmer wet part) that is easier to walk on.

Although my sandals are waterproof and perfectly capable of wading through the waves, wet feet collect a shoe full of sand walking back across the loose sand toward home.

Thus I find myself weaving along the shoreline like this flock of sandpipers who watch the waves come in, dart out to search for something special left by the receding waves, only to, a moment later, dart back to dry sand as the waves come rushing in again.

Pardon the blur, it is early morning, sandpipers are fast., and they simply refuse to stand still to have their picture taken.

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