Go that way young bear, that way!

Lewis & Clark tribute, Paducah, KY

After a lovely meander yesterday, ending at Cloudland Canyon State Park in Northern Georgia, a hiked to two spectacular waterfalls, and weather conducive to cooking out, a cold front came whipping in this morning that told me it was time to hit the road running.

Since I traveled from one end of Georgia to the other, I would not call that a meander. It is more like making time. But as Kenny Rogers is known to have sung, “You have to know when to hold ’em and you have to know when to fold ’em.” Today was a fold ’em kind of day.

Will send photos and a description soon.

1 thought on “Go that way young bear, that way!

  1. Wow your trecking! A day to fold them would be good for body and soul!

    I have a new rearranged nose and lip. Fainted today and busted my nose… Going to my neurologist Friday. Maybe she will have some answers…

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