Matchmaker, matchmaker

I am preparing jerk chicken tonight — a Jamaican “flavorful” version that I adapted from my friend, Chelle, who got the recipe from a Jamaican woman.

This reminds me of how I recently prepared a going away dinner for my friend, Sarah, and a group of friends. I had promised to prepare jerk chicken while visiting Mexico last year, however I could not find the ingredients. This year, I brought the spice mix with me, however I had to figure out a substitute for a liquid ingredient essential to the flavor. With a little experimentation with what was available, I pronounced it “close enough.”

After tasting the dish, which was “favorful” (the original meaning of jerk – at least in Jamaica) but not the typical pica (spicy), everyone complimented the cook.

Elena, took it a step further though. She said, “You are a good cook. Now you are ready to get married! Do you want to get married?” and seemed prepared with a list of eligible Mexicans she would be happy to introduce me to.

I told her that I had enough to do to take care of myself, I did not need someone else to cook for or clean up after. (Besides, I am on an adventure!!!) Yet she would not be dissuaded. After a looonnnnng 10 minutes of intense persuasion, she decided to table the discussion until a later time.  Whew!

Good food and good friends — does not get much better than that.

familia VargasWant to make jerk chicken yourself? Watch for the recipe in a future post.

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