“Home is where you hang your hat.” So said someone.

Yes, we hang our hat at “home,” but what is home? To some, it is a set place in a house, condo, or apartment, even a mobile home — some physical structure in a set place. To others it is a physical structure, such at a tent or motor home, but the set place changes at least from time to time.

But what really is home? I like to think that “home is where the heart is.” (Another idiom, I know.) Yet, truth be told, we do not need a physical structure to have a home. All we really need to be home is shelter from a passing storm, food to satisfy our hunger, and love to warm our heart. If we have those three essential things we can hang our hat most nanywhere.

Though I am technically “home,” I am leaving again tomorrow to be with baby Isaiah and family. That will be my home for the next several weeks, as Taxco has been my home the last few.

Home to me, truly is where I hang my hat.

Peek a boo Blue Bear I guess, my gypsy blood is showing, huh?

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