Everything is better with ketchup!

img_5662-qprMexicans love “American” clothing, whether they know what it says or not.

Men are more guilty of wearing the unknown than women. I spotted one man wearing a shirt declaring himself  the “World’s Greatest Grandma” and another as as a member of the “Women’s Naked 5K Team.”

Instead of donating old clothes to Goodwill, perhaps I should bring a bunch down here. I could just layer them on, walk around town, and sell them to people on the street. “Hey buddy, want to buy a shirt?”

What do you think? Might just pay for my ticket that way.

5 thoughts on “Everything is better with ketchup!

  1. That is so funny! I find the Kayah wearing the strangest T-shirts too! And the strangest color and pattern combo’s. It is like they are all color blind! But I think they just see “hey, look at this cool shirt, I think I will wear it today.”

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