Thoughts from 30,000 feet

Cruising over the heartland

Clouds like snow covered mountain peaks all around

Snatches of brown fields

Corn maze  shaped like a rocket ship sporting  “a star upon thars”


Headed South over middle states — Ohio, Tennessee, Louisiana

Blue skies reveal the great river’s serpentine windings

Suddenly nothing but blue dotted with white puffs

Below and above — stretching forever


Land appears — undulating no longer flat

Little villages and towns hug the sides and adorn the peaks

Rugged hills, softened by greenery

Roads zig and zag to the top and wind their way down again


Rivers meander between rocky promontories

Splitting in two

And coming together again

Whole once more


Mexico City

Red tile roofs stretch for miles upon miles

Isolated villages give way to housing tracts

Ordered grids broken by warehouses and plots of  tilled land


The air grows hazy

Shrouding the view of houses, schools, a bull ring

The occasional park lined with trees

Briefly breaks the haze


The central city grows tall

Latin colors brighten the view

Brilliant red, blue, yellow, orange, violet, magenta

Wheels on the ground

Mexico City rises tall

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