If you have ever eaten a tostada, you know that it can be a challenge.

You have a toasted tortilla, piled high with beans, meat, lettuce, tomato, crema, salsa, and cheese, possibly with a slice or two of avocado on top and you have to figure out how to bite into it without it cracking and crumbling into a heap. (Chips are so much easier.)

We had tostadas for lunch the other day. I was up for the challenge. I had neatly polished off one and started on my second when a couple of bites in, it suddenly cracked and fell out of my hand landing upside down on the placemat.

Alejandro, my hostess’ grandson, said, “No mas experiencia con tostadas?”

I heard that. Not only that, but I understood that.

Now what kind of thing is that to say?!!!!

We all had a good laugh, when he realized that I understood him.

Psst…the secret is to let the tostada sit a little while so the toppings have a chance to soften the tortilla a little before you try to bite into them.


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