Excuse me, there is a banana in my soup!

When you enter another culture, there are bound to be differences in customs, ways of doing things, clothing, and, of course, food.

img_0419-qprIn Mexico, once you get used to “chili” (aka hot peppers) and salsa in or on everything and drinks that come in bags, there are unusual foods, such as:



Mamey – A large orange fruit resembling a small oval cantalope with orange fruit that tastes a little like sweet potato.

ZapoteSapote – White – a strange slimy, somewhat acidic fruit (which I do not care for) and black – which I dubbed the chocolate pudding fruit because, when ripe, the flesh is deep brown, almost black, with the consistency of pudding and a somewhat chocolatey taste.



Nopales – Cactus, served a variety of ways cooked and raw.



Jicama – A starchy tuber, like a potato but sweeter and juicier. Imagine a potato crossed with an apple. Eaten raw, often with chili.



Plantains – Like a  banana only starchier. You may be accustomed to them, as I am, fried.



Imagine my surprise when I took a bite of my lentil soup and what appeared to be potato turned out to be a plantain.

Variety is the spice of life right?!!!

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