For the love of chocolate

Mente Chocolate signA short walk from the Jardin in San Miguel de Allende, is a chocolate lovers paradise.  Mente Cacao (mente means mind or intellect not mint), is run by Eduardo and Andreas, connoisseurs of fine cacao.  Notice I did not say cocoa, for what they have to offer is much more sublime that your average cocoa or chocolate bar.

Eduardo’s family grows the cacao, harvests the beans at the peak of perfection, and grinds them by hand extracting all the wonderful healthy properties of the bean.

They mix three different formulas, sweet,  semi-sweet, and dark (80%) and serve up the finest hot chocolate  that you will find anywhere. With a little cream and raw cocoa nibs on top — it’s pure decadence!!!

img_6330-qprIf hot chocolate is not your cup of “tea” try a blackberry pastry drizzled in hot chocolate, handmade gourmet chocolates with ingredients like citrus peel, dried fruit, nuts, or even chili; if you have never tried chocolate with chili – it is a taste sensation. To keep your chocolate addiction at bay, take home some bars of the sweet chocolate goodness.


Next time you are in downtown San Miguel de Allende, stop by the chocolateria, on Zacateros near Umaran and savor a little deliciousness.

Be sure to tell them Blue Bear sent you.

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