Muy frio, muchas tiempo.

Well both Jimmy and Phil are in agreement. Looks like 6 more weeks of cold and snow back home. I picked a good winter to be here rather than there.

Friends dressed for the coldUnseasonably cold here too, (Yes, that is snow on the volcano, near Toluca)  but that just means lows in the 40s or 50s (except San Miguel that got down to just above freezing). Being a Northerner, I just grab a sweater or wrap to ward off the late evening chill; if you are Mexican though, it is “Muy FRIO!!!! and you bundle up like an Eskimo.

And to think all this unseasonable cold is due to global warming! True! Believe it or not. According to the scientist who study these things, it is too warm to keep the polar vortex intact and so it split and is flying around the globe bringing the deep cold with it.

Thing is, no matter how you look at it, winter is half over, so instead of grumbling about the groundhogs’ predictions, do what the Mexicans do and CELEBRATE!

2 thoughts on “Muy frio, muchas tiempo.

  1. Interesting article. It explained a lot! It doesn’t look like there will be improvement in the near future. I guess we need to be prepared for the unexpected.

    Myanmar natives thought mid 70’s was cold. They bundled up like there was snow on the ground. But that was just an early morning temp on the water. By 12pm it was in the 90’s!

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