Experiences — Cerro Gordo and beyond

Blue Bear and SarahLast Week I was mountain climbing in Tetipak. This week I went with Sarah on a short combi ride from Taxco to Cerro Gordo, where you can see for miles and miles. My friends and I visited a pretty pair of towns separated by a surprisingly clean, babbling river that cascades over rocks and 3-4 foot  falls (at least this time of year) here and there.


My companion and guide, Jorge’ (call me George), pointed to the mountain in the distance where the spring-fed source of the river could be clearly seen cascading in an arch, hundreds of feet high.(Look closely and you will see the white streak on the top right side of the closest mountain.)  No wonder the water was so clean!Mountains outside Ijide, Mexico

As with other twin cities, one seems to be filled with grande casas (houses) and rancheros, while the other seems to provide the workers and services.

I thought a herd of cattle in the middle of town was  interesting.

(They were apathetic though.)

And then there was the stream that ran across the main road and tumbled down a pretty little waterfall. Careful, don’t get your feet wet.

There was even a bridge over the river reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie, complete with missing slats but minus the deep chasm below.

Rope & slat bridge, Ijide, MexicoOf all the little off-the-beaten-path places I have been this trip, this was by far my favorite. The streets and callejons were broad, the ups and downs not so steep, the abundance of flowers and greenery refreshing, and the cascading water provided musica naturale — ahhhhhh, a little taste of paradise.

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