Start doing things right

A Canadian I met in Florida sent this wish “for a brand new year to start doing things just right because this closing year has provided you with all the experience necessary to do so. Not?”

That really got me thinking. How often do we punish ourselves thinking about  when we made mistakes — “if only” we had done this differently or we “should have” done that instead? Why do we humans have the tendency to look backwards and beat ourselves up over all the little (and big) things we could have done differently? The past is past, and as Alwyn so astutely pointed out, it gives us the experience to make the future “just right.”

So be like Goldilocks, put the big mistakes behind you, forget about the shoulds that weren’t, and look forward, concentrating instead on what is best for you here and now that will make your life “just right.”

Oh, and don’t let the turkeys get you down!

Blue Bear & Turkey pinata

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