Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder

ImageMexico City here I come. I am looking forward to warmer weather and being with good friends in a fabulous  place filled with beautiful colonial architecture , history, and culture. I will spend a few days with friends in Mexico City before taking a two hour bus ride to Taxco, The Silver Capital of the World, where I will be based for the next 2.5 months.

BB-Strapped in-qprI was really pleased when I got to the airport and the $40 domestic baggage charge the computer said would apply was waived by a very pleasant human being. So I take back all the bad things I was saying about airline fees.

It’s time to buckle up!

2 thoughts on “Off We Go Into The Wild Blue Yonder

  1. Deborah,
    I am so glad you are able to go to Mexico this winter! I am afraid this winter will be a cold one for the contingental US this year. Man has finally contaminated the earth enough to effect the weather! I am glad you can be in a place that is healthier for you!

    I have been delinquent in replying to your blog post not out of disinterest but because I have been getting ready for my trip to Myanmar! It seems that scrambling for travel money has been an all consuming project! Jah has blessed me greatly and I have paid for my ticket, rooming and now have money to live on while there! I sold everything I could fit in a box from my own belongings and made wire wrap jewelry to sell. I bought interesting natural stone pendants from China and learned to wrap them pretty with silver wire. Everything has paid off and relatives have really been a help too! So off I will go on an adventure of my own to Myanmar Jan 4th!

    I will keep you posted! Take care! I love you!

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